Crisis Intervention and Trauma Management

Maurissa and the Triumph team have over 30 years extensive experience in the management, response and recovery processes of traumatic events.

Maurissa Ailion is a recognised consultant in the field of crisis intervention, trauma, traumatic stress and grief and pandemic trauma support.

Maurissa is a registered trainer and member of Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia (CIMA)

Responses to traumatic or critical incidents can include:-

Crisis Intervention

  • Psychological “damage control” or provision of “Emotional First Aid”
  • Reducing the acute stress reaction of the crisis event
  • Providing stabilisation, management of distress and restoration of independence Individual support after a Traumatic Incident
  • Confidential therapeutic intervention (one-on-one support)
  • A respectful process that is ethically bound, whereby individuals are afforded the opportunity to explore their concerns about the incident and their reactions to an ‘abnormal event’ and develop stress management skills and accelerate recovery.

Immediate small group support

  • A confidential group process led by Triumph practitioner to help normalise reactions to traumatic incident immediately after the event in a positive and supportive manner to help with recovery.
  • Helping to prevent the development of unresolved issues resulting from the incident and reduce emotional and physiological symptoms.

Crisis Management Briefings

Triumph together with management in the workplace or a community event provides leadership credibility and provides factual information to groups of community members or workers about an incident. To help re-establish a sense of communal wellbeing, stress management strategies are also provided. Powerful event group support

  • Critical incident stress debriefing is a formal confidential group process based upon core principles of crisis intervention facilitated by Triumph’s specialist trained team to aid in recovery from the stress associated with the event.
  • Education is provided about the physiology of stress; stress reactions and survival techniques are provided.