Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken




‘’Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken’’

At no other time have there been so many professional women including counsellors, nurses, social workers, teachers, lawyers and mental health practitioners looking for new approaches to balance the demands of work and life.

Maurissa Ailion is the Founder and Principal Consultant of TRIUMPH Human Response to Crisis and a qualified mental health practitioner. With more than thirty years of experience in consulting and counselling disciplines, she is dedicated to sharing her experience and empowering other professionals.

In Be Yourself, Maurissa offers a purposeful and practical approach to staying motivated and effectively managing workplace challenges and societal pressures. She provides enabling tools and techniques to overcome these challenges, to better navigate change and strike the right balance.

If you are looking for ways to re-energise yourself and enjoy what you do
Be Yourself is your pocket mentor to enable you to stay true to your values, rekindle desire for your chosen profession and serve yourself and others with passion and authenticity.

You will discover what you need to embrace life, define your own personal imprint and enjoy being yourself … because everyone else is already taken