Clients Feedback

Mental health Peer Training with LGBTLIQ Feb 2015

“Maurissa and Heath are an incredibly dynamic ,engaging and insightful team. I loved this journey with them and the participants.”

“Thank you again Heath for the amazing training course. Honestly it was the best one I’ve ever had! Maurissa was also a great facilitator, I wish I could have more days spent with you guys” B.Y.

“Thanks again for providing a really great week filled with plenty of resources and tools that will be of benefit to myself to share with others as well as benefit from personally. Thanks also for sharing your great insights and facilitating with aplomb, allowing us attendees to feel respected and safe and listened to. I am sad that it’s over!” E.M.

“Hi Maurissa, Thanks so much for your insight at last week’s Peer consultant discussions at MIFSA. It was awesome to meet you and I hope our paths cross again in the future” C.P.

“Maurissa is a gifted and passionate teacher”

Midwifery Uni SA

Maurissa provided a platform to explore topics in a new light and introduced practical coping mechanisms

Midwifery Uni SA

Hi Maurissa,
I just wanted to thank you for your training with us. Feedback could not be more positive.
I will be passing on this feedback more widely across the company, so you might be hearing from us again in the future
Thanks again.
Best regards,

Andrew Brown
Austraining International

“You picked me up out of the gutter when I needed it most and gave me strategies to help me with my adult children”

Individual client

Hello Maurissa,
“Human Response to Crisis” MIFSA Forum presentation, your message was of immediate relevance to all people who experience or live with mental illness You caught my attention and surely had us all drawn right into the session

Ben Heyward
Programs Manager

You missus are a blimmin’ genius! I’ve been on a high all weekend with that little mood lifter/self awareness/brain re-training exercise you gave me on Saturday. I can’t believe how well it works.
I’m amazed.

Individual Client

Maurissa! “Thanks for your encouragement and support. Also for encouraging me to become part of SIDS and Kids Parent Support Network’ This has been an amazing experience to give back to bereaved parents”

Liza Jankowski, Parent and Author of ‘Changed -Living with Stillbirth’

I have been a Hospital Staff Counsellor for over 30 years in N.S.W. and have known Maurissa Ailion for more than 20 years. The Adelaide Service was one of the best in Australia due in large part to the vision, dedication, innovation and organisational skills of Maurissa. The Australian Hospital Staff Counsellors Association has benefited greatly from Maurissa’s involvement and wisdom.

David Walker
Sydney West Area Health Service Staff Counsellor

Maurissa pioneered the development of a CISM Staff program at The Royal Adelaide hospital. This was one of the first of its kind to be established in Australia and was very successful.

Robyn Robinson, AM, PhD,
Founder and first President, CISMFA.

As the Nurse in Charge of the Burns Service at Royal Adelaide Hospital, I have utilized Maurissa’s services in her role as an experienced counsellor for the Burns Team on numerous occasions. She has always demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of sensitivity and flexibility when working with staff of different age groups, experience and cultural backgrounds Maurissa demonstrated excellent skills in the delivery of educational sessions to Burns Nurses across Australia during online seminars for students of the University of Adelaide, Graduate Diploma of Nursing Science (Burns)

Sheila Kavanagh,
Clinical Services Coordinator, Burns Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

I was impressed by their commitment to service quality and continuous improvement and in particular, the value given to ongoing development of every team member’s goals, practice and contribution in ‘to making a difference’.

Dr Miranda Roe,
Change Management Consultant

I am the Area Manager of the Sydney South West Area Health Service EAP Staff Counselling service. I have known Maurissa for over 30 years, initially as part of a national initiative to provide training and networking for specialist Health EAP service providers. Over the years, I have consulted and liaised with Maurissa on a wide variety of clinical, organisational and management concerns. We have also collaborated in establishing an interstate benchmarking system for client satisfaction, which provides useful data for Equip accreditation and OH & S Numerical profiles. Maurissa and her team have been well recognised within our field across Australia for their professionalism, innovation and the highest standards of care, including a best practice service for Traumatic Incident Management.

Chris Patchett BA (Hons) Psych, MA (. Psych), MAPS,
Senior Psychologist EAP Manager SSWAHS.

Maurissa was a charter Member of CIMA and was invited onto our Advisory Board. Maurissa is innovative, creative and works to high standards. She has had a strong interest in the field of staff support for many years and subsequently developed programs that have greatly assisted people

Robyn Robinson, AM,phD,
Founder and first President, CIMA.

‘Maurissa you provided me with the confidence for my current and future interactions in my healthcare environment’

Midwifery 3rd year student Uni SA

Maurissa has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and compassion. She is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her work

Sheila Kavanagh,
Burns Unit, RAH.

I would like to thank you for the lectures you gave at the Disaster Medical Course. The feedback from the participants has been universally positive.

Dr Evan Everest,
Flinders Medical Centre.

Maurissa and her colleagues have provided valuable services for IMVS staff over an extended number of years. I have always found Maurissa to be highly professional and practical in her approach

Professor Vernon-Roberts,

Maurissa is committed to improving the system and not just her own organisation. She has prepared and presented a number of papers on bullying and harassment in the workplace, and is committed to minimising the damage that such behaviour can cause to others.

Mary Malone, General Manager,
Modbury Hospital (Retired).

The counselling program is provided by a well structured and highly active group of skilled and experience staff. The CISM procedure, protocols and training program are of the highest quality.

The Australian Council on Healthcare standards (ACHS).

What you did today helped the carers. It also gave us an emotional pathway for our guilt, concern, feelings of inadequacy, I could feel a sense of relief, yes trauma is beyond our skills, thank you

TAFE Lecturer

I have spoken to all the staff at your sessions and they all felt it was beneficial in that it reassured them that they were “normal” in dealing with their grief in individual ways. Thanks again for coming to Orroroo

Joan Luckraft
Executive Officer/Director of Nursing
Country Health SA – Orroroo Hospital & Orroroo Community Home

Maurissa through her determination and tenacity recruited first class counsellors. She also developed a team of critical incident counsellors becoming one of the only professionals in South Australia to be formally trained to train other counsellors in critical incident debriefing and response.

Norm Sidebotham, BASW, Dip AppSci, MASW.