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We offer a range of programs and intervention options for your clients

A brilliant selection of program options for your own professional development and wellbeing

Information and Referral for your clients

With a Mental Health Plan through the Better Access program or a Chronic Health Plan Triumph can provide individual support for people experiencing mental illness, grief and loss, trauma, Ageing concerns, family and relationship issues, chronic health including Diabetes, anxiety, stress related illnesses, gender and sexuality issues.

Therapeutic Groups and Support Groups offer a group approach separate to individual counselling or concurrently to support clients in their journey. All our programs are delivered with our respectful and compassionate approach toward promoting growth, recovery and wellbeing.

Information on how to refer a client

Resources and Tools for your own professional development

You can access Triumph Individually, as a team, department or an organisation Triumph provides excellent dynamic education and training including: Positive communication, assertiveness, teamwork, stress management, resilience, strategic planning, and psychological preparation in the workplace to help prevent or mitigate potential traumatic stress.

If you are seeking Mentoring, Coaching or Supervision we can provide innovative strategies, tools and opportunities to enhance your practice, build your confidence; provide clinical leadership ensuring ongoing provision of service is relevant, current and of the highest professional standards.

If you are seeking Consultation: Triumph has extensive experience trouble-shooting and creative problem solving, Provision of empowering support services for individuals and the wider community